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New Drug Development

  • PM-012

    We have researched the optimal ratio of 7 types of natural products specialized for brain activity over the last 17 years, and their efficacy for the treatment and prevention of dementia has been demonstrated in various test models.
    Mediforum Pharmaceutical has obtained domestic approval for
    the phase 3 clinical trials and is currently carrying out clinical trials in more than 30 general hospitals.

  • CTT-004

    Spinocerebellar degeneration is a rare disease in which
    the cells making up the cerebellum die due to unknown mechanisms.
    Ataxia is the main symptom caused by spinocerebellar degeneration.
    As there has been no therapeutic agent with efficacy
    and safety proven through large-scale clinical trials,
    MEDIFORUM is currently carrying out clinical trial that aims to prove efficacy and safety at major domestic university hospitals, using the taltirelin hydrate.

  • SMEB Platform TechnologySmart continuous Manufacturing system for Encapsulated Biodrug

    The continuous manufacturing technology for long-acting injectable formulations, which have an automatic systems for production and quality control.